Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start with healthcare. For example, you have neck pain and your chiropractor tells you it’s because part of your spine is “out of alignment.” Your physical therapist tells you your neck hurts because a certain muscle is “weak.” Your dentist tells you the pain is related to your jaw joint. Your psychotherapist tells you it’s related to stress from your personal life. And you might think it’s from that one car accident 2 decades ago where your neck just hasn’t felt “right” ever since!

It’s not that these hypotheses are “wrong”– they all have merit in certain context. They just don’t give you a road map of where to start your journey to a meaningful and lasting resolution to your problem.

Human beings are complex systems and anytime a complex system has a single problem there are often multiple solutions.

So how do you know which solution to approach first?

Enter Complex Patient Consulting (CPC). Joe Cicinelli, PT, DPT, PRC specializes in how multiple body systems can relate to your problem. With a background in physical therapy, strength training, vision therapy, myofunctional therapy, and a strong passion for airway-focused dentistry and sleep medicine, Dr. Cicinelli can help piece together your puzzle for you. Often, your main complaint is secondary to a much bigger picture. A great medical example to which many people can relate is high blood pressure. Sometimes it’s not high blood pressure that’s the problem–the 4 hours of sleep per night and a caffeinated day are the problems with high blood pressure the result. CPC is a problem-solving program aimed at changing the undesirable result.

We believe that complex patients are rarely helped by a single practitioner which is why Dr. Cicinelli has built a nationwide network of highly skilled clinicians that he trusts to achieve an optimal result. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what treatment options are available and what is worthy of your time? How about the best treatment sequence for your particular problem?

Getting started is simple. Submit your most recent and relevant health records to info@therapydiasf.com and one of our Client Care Coordinators will reach out to set up your consultation. During the 30 minute consultation, Dr. Cicinelli will review your records, inform you of treatment options, and use his clinical expertise to outline an agreeable and cost-effective strategy to help resolve your problem(s). Some cases may require an in-person evaluation to ensure the best outcome.

The goal of CPC is to bring clarity to your problem and teach you how to navigate the healthcare system so you can take the best care of yourself and your family.

Price: $99