VO2 max, or maximal oxygen consumption, refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense exercise. To improve your performance, you want to increase your VO2 max. By increasing your VO2 max, your body will use more oxygen during intense exercise, deliver it to your muscles and increase your energy output. VO2 max is the best measurement for cardiovascular fitness, recovery and endurance. At TherapydiaSF, we offer a VO2 max lab quality test without using a face mask with Revvo.

How does the Revvo VO2 max test work?

With Revvo, you’ll gain important data including your VO2 max in just 15 minutes. The Revvo offers a a self-guided test performed on a spin bike that measures your power in 30 sec increments. By determining your heart rate at your max power, Revvo will provide you with VO2 Max data.


You’ll gain these performance metrics:

• VO2 max: cardiovascular fitness
• Recovery
• Endurance
• BMI: body mass index

How can I use the data to improve my performance?

Revvo uses the results of the test to adapt training to your unique fitness profile. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses and benchmarking your scores, Revvo can help you develop a custom training program to improve deficits in aerobic capacity, recovery and endurance. We offer self-guided training sessions on the Revvo bike. Additionally, you can schedule follow-up tests to track how your training and nutrition regime affect your performance metrics.

Pricing – eligible for FSA/HSA

• Single test – $39

• Virtual mobile coaching coming soon! Single test and unlimited training sessions: $59/month

We also offer our VO2Max testing as part of our other services:
Wellness Session including Revvo training session and personal work with a PT for fitness (regular wellness session pricing):
1 session: $125
4 sessions: $470
8 sessions: $875

Fitness Evaluation – The Revvo Test is included as part of a comprehensive assessment of your physical fitness that is performed by a physical therapist: $195