Embrace the pace of parenthood

Physical Therapists Michelle Cotter and Sydney James have worked with countless new moms, dads, and their children for injury rehab. Through this work they recognized that families benefit from earlier intervention to prevent injury and promote healthy movement while observing that:

• Parents want to understand their child’s development and if there are things they could be doing at home to encourage healthy movement
• Parents commonly develop physical symptoms related to birth or caring for their new child
• Parents need guidance to resume a safe, appropriate, and challenging workout program

With Michelle’s expertise as a pediatric and adult physical therapist and Sydney and Sian’s training as both physical therapists and Pilates instructors, they created WeeMove, a program to support both parents and children.

Play with Purpose: Infant/Child sessions (birth to 5 years old)

• Carefully crafted play-based programs to help your child reach their highest potential
• Gross motor skill development and sensory integration play to establish the building blocks for a lifetime of healthy movement
• Monthly updates to track your baby’s development

Pricing: $1200 (8 sessions) The 8-session package includes visits every 4-6 weeks to track and progress your child’s program over the course of one year. Each session includes 45-50 minutes of one-on-one time with you, your baby and Michelle. Following the session, Michelle will complete an custom program for you to complete with your child and email a summary of findings with a detailed description of recommended exercises. 

Care with Comfort: Physical Therapy for parents

• Tailored treatment plan based on your unique biomechanics
• Safe handling techniques that resolve pain and promote comfortable ways to care for your baby
• Exercise programs that fit into your busy schedule.

Pricing: You may be able to use your in-network or out-of-network insurance benefits, FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account) to pay for treatment. For parents without coverage or who wish to submit to their insurance directly, TherapydiaSF offers a discounted cash rate:
Initial Evaluation: $195 // Follow-up Visit: $150

Stroll with Strength: Fitness for parents

• Individualized exercise sessions to get you back to feeling like you!
• Strength, balance, coordination, and endurance programs with your goals in mind
• Improve movement patterns to keep your body ready for life’s adventures!

Your first session will consist of a review of your fitness and medical history, your fitness and health goals, and a screen of posture, strength, flexibility, and movement. During each visit, our PT’s will lead you through a 45-minute individualized exercise program incorporating mat-based exercises, BOSU, TRX and Pilates training. As the physical demands on your body grow with your baby, each session will build on the previous session to improve strength, balance, coordination and endurance 

Pricing: Initial Evaluation: $165 // Follow-up 1:1 sessions: $125



Play Infant & Child Program, Care PT evaluation + 3 follow up sessions: $1650

Play Infant & Child Program, 8 Stroll Fitness sessions: $2000

Play Infant & Child Program, Care PT evaluation + 3 follow up sessions, 8 Stroll Fitness Sessions: $2575



• When can my child start WeeMove? Your child can start WeeMove within the first few weeks of life!

• What are the age ranges for WeeMove? Birth-5 years old

• Can both parents attend WeeMove Play sessions? We invite both parents and caregivers to attend WeeMove Play sessions. However, if only one parent can attend, we can video portions of the session for exercise instruction. You will also receive a detailed follow-up summary with clear instructions for play at home.

• Is there a right way to play with my baby? There are many different ways to play with your baby. WeeMove Play is designed to teach you fun ways to play that also help to facilitate motor and sensory development. Each session will introduce new activities and exercise progressions to incorporate as your baby grows.

• What if you find a delay in my child’s development? If a delay in gross motor development is identified, Michelle may recommend weekly visits to address the limitations. Once your little one is back on track, he/she will graduate from physical therapy and transition to WeeMove Play.

• I have an older child. Can he/she participate in WeeMove Play? WeeMove Play is currently designed for children birth-5 years old. If you have an older child and are interested in injury-prevention or general fitness, you may schedule a regular wellness appointment.

• Can I use my health insurance? WeeMove participants may use FSA or HSA funds for each of the WeeMove offerings. While physical therapy sessions may be billed to insurance, fitness and developmental play sessions will not be submitted to insurance.

• Do I have to participate in all of the WeeMove offerings? You may participate in any of the WeeMove offerings, independently of the others. If the parent doesn’t have a need for physical therapy or an interest in parent fitness, they are not required to participate in these programs.

• I like to exercise on my own. Can you help me develop a program for home? Yes! You can meet with a physical therapist, who will work with you to understand your interests and space/equipment availability, complete a physical assessment and design a program for you to complete at home.

Please call 415.799.3300 or email info@therapydiasf.com for more information or to sign up today!