TherapydiaSF has partnered with MojoFeet to provide custom orthotics to our patients. Our philosophy is simple: your feet are your foundation for healthy movement. Feet act as shock absorbers when we walk and help lessen the forces transferred to our knees, hips and back. Imbalances and instability in the feet may be felt as pain or discomfort throughout the body.


Why MojoFeet?
MojoFeet advocates a unique casting procedure to make each pair of custom orthotics. Most orthotics are made by simply having an individual step on a foam core, with their foot in an uncorrected position. We manually support the medial longitudinal arch and cast as we want the foot to strike the ground during walking. We also believe in MojoFeet’s philosophy that “when you spend time on manmade surfaces some will ‘need’ orthotics and many will ‘benefit’ from orthotics.” By incorporating a program of foot strengthening, some will transition from ‘needing’ orthotics to ‘benefitting’ from orthotics.

How do MojoFeet compare to traditional custom orthotics?
Our clients report increased comfort and support from their MojoFeet orthotics when compared to orthotics they have used in the past. Due to the casting procedure used, the orthotic better balances and supports your foundation.

How long will it take to receive my orthotics?
The initial assessment and casting is booked in a 45-minute appointment time. During that session our PT’s will collect information about your feet through a variety of tests and measurements. We will then cast each of your feet. Once casted, we send the casting box to MojoFeet where they will fabricate your orthotics. From start to finish, you can expect your orthotics in 7-10 business days.

Will my insurance pay for orthotics?
Insurance coverage varies from plan to plan. We can help verify your benefits to determine if your plan may cover a portion of your custom foot orthotics.


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